Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It begins...

My name is Allie and I have a colostomy who's name is Oscar. I won't bore you with the horrific details of my medical past except to say I had severe Crohn's and rectal incontinence.
Since I first started having symptoms of Crohn's, I haven't been able to do things like enjoy concerts, eat in a car, sit through a movie or stand in a line. Most don't sound like a big deal, but when you are constantly afraid of pooping your pants, the little things like going out on a boat or taking your dogs for a walk start to add up.
I created this blog because before I went into surgery I made a list. The list was full of things that I COULD do with an ostomy. Things like "pick up can's on the highway" or "drink a cup of coffee." This blog is going to be full of things Oscar and I have done....all without a washroom near.
It's been exactly 3 months since the surgery and Oscar and I are more then ready to start tackling the list.

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