Monday, July 19, 2010

Mid summer shenanigans

The Napa Rally 5000 is over, I (hubby was co-pilot and in charge of directions) drove over 2,400 km's in 7 days and we slept in 9 hotels in 11 days. Insane. The hubby and I came in 3rd (yay yellow shirts!), a podium finish. We drove the back roads of Nova Scotia, P.E.I., New Brunswick and Quebec. All we can say is: thank goodness I wasn't driving one of our own cars! Oscar was wonderful and only started giving me the "pinch red face" on the last day of the rally. I'm positive all the baggies full of Oscar's used pouches raised more then one house keeper's eye, but rather poopy closed baggies then poopy loose panties right? I still am in awe that I was able to drive across eastern Canada and not have to worry about stashing a roll of TP in the car or worrying about the lack of washrooms on the rural roads.
We opened the shop back up on Wednesday and have been super busy ever since. 7 cars in the compound with another 2 in the shop has been standard. So great!! The hubby is sweating like mad but has never been happier. The Pug's are back into their daily "lets go to the shop boys" routine and everyone is relieved to be settling back into a regular rythum.
The next few weeks will be busy as well. We are going to have a BBQ here next week-end, the week-end after is the Juliette Lewis concert with the girls and then on Saturday, a long over due showing at an Urge2 party. The following week-end is the Great Canadian VW Cruise to Vancouver B.C ( and though we won't be entering any of our cars this year, we are looking forward to seeing great friends and some amazing VW's. It does mean closing the shop for 4 days (Thursday-Tuesday) but it's summer right???
The week-end we get back is my birthday (Aug.14) week-end, yes I have an entire week-end dedicated to me. I love me.
The rest of the summer is shaping up to be more exciting and hectic then ever and I'm sorry if I don't write every week....but I promise once the fall hits, Oscar will be full of more stories and we will write every single one down!
Oscar, I love you.

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