Friday, August 27, 2010

Oscar who?

Turns out, I'm not as original as I thought.
10 months ago I figured I was pretty cheeky naming my yet to be stoma/ostomy, a cute little moniker to show the world that I Allie Korpesio, was more then OK having an ostomy. Stoma virgin that I was, I didn't realize quite how many people did the same.
There is....Oma the stoma, Oscar the pouch, Oscar the grouch, Oscar the ostomy (this is what I figured...), Zoe, Stomee, Privey, Hokey the pokey and many many more.
I am Facebook friends with a wonderful man on the rock who has urostomy. We started talking about all the different names that people have named their ostomies when he informed me that his didn't have a name. I asked him if he would like a rhyming name like Aroma the stoma or something meaningful like Paloma the stoma (she loves Italian food and can now eat it because of Paloma)? We decided to name the urostomy "Barbie" because his name is Ken. How cute is that?
I realized I may not be original, but Oscar is original to me. I love him more every day even if he sometimes lives up to "Oscar the grouch" status.
So readers, have you named YOUR stoma/ostomy?


  1. hahaha - no more originality due to the internet, eh? try making a new name for a rock band!!!

    as for stoma names, mine was Quato - derived from sci-fi Schwartzeneggar hit Total Recall. The leader of the mutant resistance on Mars had this conjoined-fetus head and baby arms(like Chucky Doll) protruding from his belly. Ewww.. just like my temporary friend, except for the arms, and teeth and hair.

  2. Allie, you are an original. There is nobody like you (sometimes that's a good thing). ;)

  3. I have not names my stoma.......... yet. Your blog is inspiring me in all kinds of crazy ways! I love it.