Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comfortable, supportive upholstery NOT included

Oscar has immensely hampered my reading time.
Let me be more specific, Oscar has immensely hampered my sitting on the toilet reading time.
In the not too distant past our bathroom looked eerily like a Chapters/Indigo with reading material spanning from magazines to romance novels to comic books. My favourite will always remain the 10 year old Reader’s Digest that I thieved from some poor unsuspecting Dr.’s office. On any given day I would spend between 2-6 hours in the washroom, sitting on the toilet, hoping for a feeling of relief that never really came.
While doing the pee pee dance to the mailbox yesterday, I came upon the latest edition of Hot Rod (It had an enticing spread on a ’28 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster that I was dying to see) magazine. Since my bladder was not going to give me a reprieve, I tucked the magazine under my arm and made a mad dash to the washroom. I sat upon the throne, opened Hot Rod to the first page and realized I was already done my business. There was no longer any purpose to my sitting suspended over the little circle of water.
Crap. Or rather no crap. Either way my fresh, shiny, out of the little sleeve of plastic magazine would have to wait until I could pull up my pants and make my way to a more dignified reading abode. Perhaps a toilet shaped chair could be designed so that I could proudly place it under the living room window’s to capture the perfect reading light?
Oscar has given me many things in the last year, and now I can add “freeing up bathroom reading time” to that list. Though I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing or how much my knowledge on vintage automobiles will suffer.
Thank you Oscar for allowing me time to peruse the written word on my own terms and not while stuck on a toilet.


  1. I love reading your blog. Always makes me chuckle. Keep up the good work. Claire

  2. Aw, thanks Claire! Oscar always has these great idea's to do things that usually end up not so great.....*groan* I will of course continue to write about my little friend and his ability to make him self known.

  3. I remember when you used to panic whenever anyone else needed the bathroom! We always had to do our business as quickly as possible. It's all good now! I thank Oscar too.

  4. i got jorge, my stoma and i tell you i have the same problem. im too attached to my bathroom, i painted it my favorite color pink and it really makes me feel better. so i still go in to relax for a minute each day. my friends still have a problem with me rushing them out of the bathroom!

  5. Love this page! Pre-surgery my bathroom was equipped with magazines, catalogs, books, and a telephone! I don't miss that time at all!!! I like being healthy even if it means wearing my little bag.

  6. sas, I still get that little panicky feeling in my tummy when someone goes into the washroom here at home. The hubby still ask's me if I need the washroom before he goes inside! LOL
    jamaclog, thanks! Great idea about having the phone in the washroom. I always would be in the middle of a 2 hour foray and the phone would ring and I would do the pants around the ankles waddle down the hallway at least 3 times a week!