Thursday, June 12, 2014

Duct Tape Anyone?

When I was a kid, being called “lazy” by my parents was one of the worst things they could have said. Between school, swimming, cadets, hanging with friends and the numerous other activities that a 10-16 year old me partook in....I was exhausted. All the time.  Up at 7:00am, school all day and activities afterwards did not leave much time for more than a re-run of a MASH episode followed by an episode of Murphy Brown, bed was always 11:00pm, all to be repeated the next day.

Things like laundry and dishes and vacuuming and taking the dog for a walk all seemed insurmountable when tomorrows first period was calculus (and seriously who exactly is using that particular subject every day...or even once a year...?) and you had an entire week’s worth of calculations to produce.

As an adult my schedule has become more hectic. Owning Pug City Euroworks and Modern Relic Designs, being on numerous committees and a member of numerous associations, still finding time to walk all three family dogs, work out twice a week with a personal trainer, cook dinner for my husband which entails grocery shopping, and all the other things that a overextended grown up does.  When I do get the chance to be “lazy” a small part of me still cringes at the memories of being called that as a kid...but as an adult I RELISH my laziness. That’s right; this lady has taken laziness to a whole new level.

I’ve decided that if I can’t get at least 7-10 days out of a wafer I’ll do everything in my power to make it last. Itchy skin be dammed, if there is a leak I’ve devised numerous ways to put a stop to least until I decide that I am ready to change. I am very fortunate to have a colostomy and absolutely NO skin issues...even if I do test my luck with weekly changes.

The pictures that you see are of the many way’s I have dealt with an unwanted leak a day or two before I am ready to do a change. I’ve gotten an extra two days of wafer wear out of my concoctions, and if this isn’t the height of laziness, I’m not sure what is.


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