Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aquafit = not for sissies!

My legs hurt, my arms feel like giant piece's of wood, I think my lower back fat has migrated, but most importantly....Oscar feels great! Last night, Pattie, Matt, the hubby and I went to Aquafit. The four of us lowered the average age by about 30 years and I have never felt younger, or more thin, however, Aquafit is not for sissies. Nope. I was moving things that haven't been moved in years.
We arrived at the pool, a salt water basin. This intrigued me as I have never been in a salt water pool, spending years of my youth in the family pool/swimming lesson's/synchronize swimming in chlorine pools. I had already changed into my swim suit at home, thus negating the need to change in front of strangers, revealing Oscar in all his glory. I was nervous, this was the first time since Oscar has come into being that we have jumped into a pool, let alone did strenuous activity together. Oh sure, yoga and the occasional Wii fit challenge aside, we were looking at a new horizon, Oscar was going to be submersed in water for at least an hour.
We arrived on the pool deck and funny, I was no longer worried about Oscar but instead, my fears went to my large sleeve tattoo and I began to wonder how us yahooligans (we all have tattoo's, except for Matt...sissy.) would be received by the older generation. I shouldn't have worried. I was standing by the side of the pool for no longer then a minute when a pair of that "generation" stared asking about my tattoo. They couldn't give me enough praise for both the art and the artist (thanks Andi!!!).
We slowly slipped into the pool and started the fit portion of the aqua. I couldn't believe what I was feeling! I was out of breath and my muscles were screaming in protest 15 minutes into our work out. I gave it my all and only felt a slight pull from Oscar when I tried the jumping jacks. I think on Thursday I'll wear the belt under my suit and have Oscar nice and tucked into me. When we first got into the pool, I looked around for a washroom...just like a smoker who has recently quit, I think I'll be looking for the closest washroom for months to come. Of course I realized....I don't need no stinkin washroom...and continued getting fit!
It was great doing this with friends, every few minutes Pattie or Matt would joke about something and the camaraderie was awesome. I had to agree with Matt when he said "I could take a bucket of speed and still not be able to keep up with the instructor." We all had a great time, feel fitter and once again, this is something new that I couldn't have done without Oscar.

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