Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's time to jump in the pool, in more ways then one!

The nice weather is upon us and has made me freak out over two things:
1. My arm wings have grown so large it gives the pterodactyl a run for it's money.
2. My cabby is in serious need of low fundage fixing.
The husband and I (OK, really just I...) have decided it is way past time to get in shape and lose some extra pounds that mysteriously slipped on in the last year. With Oscar I am now able to do fitness stuff that I wasn't able to do before. For example, last night we took the Pug's on a LONG walk through our neighbourhood. It was so nice to be able to see all the different houses and it confirmed a sneaking suspicion, we do indeed live in one of the best/most historic neighbourhoods in the city. We live right down the street from an indoor salt water pool that has Aquafit. What better way to get rid of some un-wanted calories then hamming it up with the older generation, who sadly is in better shape then the hubby and I. Tonight will be Oscar and my first foray into a pool....pictures will follow!
I started work yesterday on my '95 VW Cabrio. I love this car. I really really really love this car. More then a normal person should love their transportation. The husband mentioned that I could do most of the things myself and promptly jacked my car up and gave me a grinder. He showed me what to do and left me at it. The above pictures show me and my poor car. These pictures are historic because without Oscar I never would have started a project like this. I would have been too worried about having to stop mid way through to find a washroom. Half way through this particular project, the grinding disc ground down to nothing. I had to stop half way through the project and wait until a new disc could be found. Let me re-iterate...I had to stop not because of washroom difficulties but because I OUTLASTED a grinder. I love Oscar.

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