Monday, March 22, 2010

PickNPull'd to the porta-potty

Oscar and I, Disco Dave, Ben, and Fester went to the PickNPull yesterday afternoon. PickNPull is an auto wrecker's west of the city. I have decided to re-upholster my car and needed some practice door panels before I take on the real thing. I have never gone to the auto wreckers in the past because I didn't want to be elbow deep in a car, on the other side of the washrooms when "gotta poop" strikes.
We were in the "import" section, which of course is on the opposite side of where the porta-potty is when sure enough, the "gotta poop" signal happens. Years of honed porta-potty finding skills kicked in and I found myself doing the run-walk down an aisle to the distant toilet or maybe a suitable place to drop my drawers and do my business where I wouldn't be seen. I was caught in a full blown poop moment, I stopped, remembered "I have Oscar!!!" and found myself in front of VW Passat. It had all the doors, the paint was decent, no broken window's, it looked like a nice car...and then I looked inside. Wires everywhere, interior completely stripped, headliner hanging in tatters. I realized, this car was alot like me before Oscar. It looks pretty good from the outside, but when you peer realize a good exterior is hiding the chaos within. It took me a moment or two, taking some deep breathes to compose myself before I could get back to the task at hand. Having Oscar saved my panties again. Thank you Oscar!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are no longer "too pooped to participate". (groan). You and Oscar are a quite a team.

  2. Great analogy with the car! You are a genius just like your mother. hehehe

  3. hahahah to funny i can totally relate ! i love how your so upbeat and positive with it all and how you can describe with such detail lolz!

    prophet1978- Air Riders VW Club