Friday, May 21, 2010

Iron Man has nothing on Oscar!

The hubby and I do a date night once a month. We clear our schedules and have an honest to goodness fun/romantic/silly time all by ourselves. This months date night included going to see Iron Man 2. I have been to the movie theatre once before since getting Oscar but was never truly comfortable as it was only a month after the surgery and I was still nervous about what I could and couldn't do.
I should start at the beginning and tell all of you (who ever you are) that going to a movie theatre was pure agony. I would be in the washroom for an hour before the show, worried about lines, HAD to sit in a chair on the aisle for emergency washroom trips, kept my purse on my lap for those "sprinting the heck out of the theatre" moments, I was not able to eat anything in the theatre except the occasional nacho and of course the smell of hot buttered popcorn almsot drove me to the brink of insanity. I couldn't eat popcorn in fear of a particle lodging in an ulcerated area of intestine causing yet another fistula.
This movie night was different. I patiently waited in line to get our tickets, ordered up not only the peanut M&M's but a big tub of popcorn and a drink, then ran with the abandon of a 3 year old to the very middle of the theatre, plopped myself down and realized..."these seats are good!" I never once thought about the washrooms and in this particular theatre didn't even know where they were. I enjoyed the movie not only because I thoroughly enjoy Robert Downey Jr., but because Oscar made it possible to sit in a movie theatre and just be entertained.
Thank you Oscar!


  1. I remember taking you to your first movie when you were 3 years old. It was LADY AND THE TRAMP. Halfway thru, you decided you had enough and just got up and walked out. Nothing I could do would convince you to stay. Its a good thing we went home early that day, since you had locked the cat in the oven.Luckily you didn't turn it on!

  2. That totally sounds like Allie. A very strong willed woman and Oscar has only made her stronger. Heaven help us all. ;)