Thursday, May 13, 2010

The revenge of Montezuma....

As I mentioned in the last post, Oscar and I have been on a see food diet.....we see it and have to try it. It's the only way an ostomate can figure out what is OK to eat, but even then it can back fire. What is OK one week is BAD the next. So begins today's tale of adventure.
The hubby was craving some Taco Bell and I jumped on the chance to go get some. Apparently some TB food is OK with Oscar (we have joyfully eaten it in the past), but not the Crunch Wrap Supreme. And this friends is where things get messy....

Oscar usually gives me solid poops, or as I call them, little nuggets of goodness. Less then 24 hours after eating TB he was in full "empty every single solitary waste product out of Allie...NOW" I normally go a day or two with the same pouch, I have changed the pouch 13x in the last 2 days. I had to run home from the shop yesterday because I had used up my emergency pouches and there was still another 3 hours left in the work day. I had to get up at 3 in the morning to change because things are so runny, it is clogging the filter, the pouch blows up like a balloon and the cats think I am a giant play toy, placed in the bed for their nocturnal amusement. Not amusing.
After 2 days of this, and munching codeine like it's tic tacs (codeine used to bulk up stool, not codeine for pain), I decided to have a naked shower (strip off barrier/pouch, jump in shower with Oscar naked) and give Oscar a nice new set of clothes. He didn't like this idea at all. I spent 10 minutes hovering over the toilet while Oscar made his thoughts perfectly clear. Or not so clear. Either way it was the messiest shower we have ever had and I feel completely sorry for people with ileostomies who have this on a daily basis.
I am now sitting in front of my computer, in my robe, completely exhausted and it's only 10:30 in the morning. I figure though, if this is the worst Oscar can do, bring it on. Oh, and Taco Bell...your slogan "the crunch wrap supreme....good to go" Is accurate, accurate as in "the crunch wrap supreme....good to make Oscar go."
Oscar, I love you and thank you for allowing me to share in these crazy adventures.


  1. I know how "shitty" I can get after Taco Hell. I can't even begin to imagine what you're going though. I hope the cats never pop that balloon, it would be nasty surprise for all.

  2. Taco-smell-Grande!