Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Donair should be re-named createsair!

I am 32. In all my 32 years I have never eaten a Donair. I learned that the meat was spicy and I just couldn't handle that with my Crohn's. Fast forward to yesterday...Oscar and I are trying all kinds of new food and when the hubby asked what i'd like for lunch, "donair" popped into my head. He loves this place on Calgary Trail/ Argyll Road named "High Voltage" and went there to get us some "regular Greek" pita wrapped goodness. This place is awesome as they grill the donair when it's made to seal in the yummy. They should just tell people they are sealing in the stuff that is going to make you fart for the next 24 hours. Honest to goodness. Oscar has his moments but he was so vocal last night I had to take not 1 or 2 or even 3 Gas X's but 4. Oscar still would not shut his gob. He put the hubby to shame, he made the Pug's farts seem like tiny puffs of angel breath. I finally realized why some people with ostomy's are so concerned with gas. If we had been out and about and Oscar was acting this way, I'd have to go home. When all is said and done, Oscar has let me taste and enjoy some of the food that the hubby adores. Once again, thank you Oscar. PS: he's still farty.


  1. Great photo of the food! You should go into commercial art or advertizing. I'll do the slogans! The Lamb and the Mam Advertizing Inc.
    What do you think?

  2. That place is pure bliss - My life is complete now.