Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rallying for the Rally Car!

The hubby and I own a mechanic shop, and as such we sponsor a rally car that is driven by the guys at Advantage Fencing. Last week-end there was a car show called "Powerama" at Northlands and the car was in the show so we wanted to go check it out.
We live about 6 blocks from Northlands and there is always something going on but we hardly ever go. Why? Mainly because parking is $12.00. "But Allie, you live 6 blocks away, why not walk?" you ask. I can't, or correction, I never could. The problem with having Crohn's like I did wasn't the pain, weight loss/gain or anything else, it was the fact that no matter where I was going or doing, if I had to poop, I had to poop. I just didn't have the ability to hold it. So, if I was walking somewhere, no bathrooms near, and I had to poop, it was happening in my pants.
The friends met us here at the house, parked their cars and we all walked over as a group to the show. I actually walked to Northlands. A first in all the time we have been living here. I can't describe the emotions that welled as I put one foot in front of the other, carrying me farther and farther from the safety (which I no longer need) of the washroom. walking to Northlands....doesn't sound like an adventure...but for me, walking more then 10ft from a washroom is an adventure. Thank you Oscar.

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  1. Yay that is awesome! And it was a great time! Glad I was a part of your walk :)