Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never enough toilet's!

Toilet, washroom, bathroom, restroom, lavatory, can, joint, loo, privy or commode. It doesn't matter what you call the washroom it always seem's like there is never enough places to put your bum.
BO (before Oscar) I would avoid places that had an uneven person to washroom ratio. I wouldn't go to outdoor concerts, sporting events or anywhere there might be a chance that a toilet would not be available.
Our home in Summerside had 3 washroom's. Great when people came over or when the husband wanted to "drop the kid's at the pool." 2 year's ago we purchased another home, a perfect heritage home in the heart of Edmonton. Problem? One washroom. We didn't realize how much of an issue one washroom would be until it was evident that the hubby would be doing is pool duties elsewhere or on the sly. I couldn't handle knowing someone was in the washroom and it was un-available to me. We didn't have people over and hardly ever had over night guests.
Oscar has changed all that. In t-minus 12 hours we are about to host my aunt and grandmother from Ontario for a few days. 4 people in the house and one washroom would have sent me into hysterics or even would have had me splurging on a hotel for the visitor's. Not anymore. Oma and Aunt Lori, you now have to put up with my sub-par cooking and bad housekeeping for 2 days and for that I am sorry. I am not sorry however for the lack of washroom facilities because I just don't need them anymore.
Thank you Oscar for letting me have guests with only one washroom in the house.

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