Friday, October 1, 2010

Leaves of Change

Last year at this time I was forced to leave work due to Crohn's. I was doing some serious thinking about having an ostomy and although I knew it was the right thing, I was a tad nervous about the prospect of forever having a "bag." The time to myself gave me a chance to weigh all my options and really feel good about one decision or another, the following is what swayed my choice.
We live in a mature neighbourhood ie: BIG trees, and at this time of year we have mountains of leaves that need to be bagged. Since I was home I decided to bag the leaves and do my good deed for the day. Between washroom breaks, fatigue, dizziness and the every day malaise I felt, raking and bagging the front yard took 5 hours. 32 years old and I was having difficulty throwing some leaves into garbage bags. My 80 year old grandmother has just as many leaves in her yard and she manages.
I sat on the front porch last year and cried, the tears falling just like the leaves I had so valiantly tried to contain. I realized I could not go on like this. I marched into the house, picked up the phone and called my surgeon. I made an appointment, the first step in Oscarness.
Yesterday I took the day off and decided to tackle the leaves. I raked the back yard into piles, romped with the Pug's, chided my cat for catching and then eating a poor little bird, raked the front yard & the street in front of the house, bagged the front and made "bag" pumpkins and stuff a spiders, cleaned some ease troughs, Windex the windows in the garage and swept all the pathways. About 5 hours into the day I sat on the front porch and marveled at all I had done. I STILL had energy and went inside and baked 2 banana bread's and 2 Skor Blondie bars.
One of the first things people who receive an ostomy will tell you is the amount of energy they have. I never realized just how much energy Oscar has given me.
Thank you Oscar for letting me bag leaves and for giving me the energy of a 4 year old on caffeine.

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  1. I remember you this time last year. You were sick or blue more times than not. Oscar has also given us (your friends) the healthy, happy and vibrant Allie we all knew was there but couldn't come out to play.