Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do birds manage to keep their feathers?

On Saturday the hubby and I went to a Halloween party. I wore a pretty revealing burlesque costume and as you can see or rather NOT see....there is no sign of Oscar.
I am constantly amazed at how easily clothing or a complete lack of clothing hides an ostomy. The most common question asked by people who are about to get an ostomy is: "Will I be able to wear the same clothing as before?" My answer is a resounding YES and MORE. I've been able to wear every single thing I did before the surgery, I am also able to wear pretty undies, expensive lingerie and I actually bought a gorgeous nightie that I can wear every night!!
I was always very aware of what I was wearing, making sure it was easily removable.....whoa cowboys, back that horse up....not easily removable so I could get naked faster, easily removable so I could drop my drawer's the minute the urge to go struck.
This was the first time I actually wore something that was not easily removable but I was comfortable in Oscar's abilities and didn't worry about easy access. I should have had the foresight to realize 2 things: drinking = peeing or: undies+ruffled boy shorts+flowing bum feathers=10 minutes to undress enough to sit on the toilet. At least I was able to make it every time. I would like to say "I'm sorry Trish for all the pink feathers strewn about your house" I also have to say "thank you Oscar for allowing me to dress like a hussy and not care!"


  1. You forgot to mention that you won first prize for your costume!