Friday, November 5, 2010

High heels aren't made for boot camp!

I asked the hubby to grab a pair of black high heeled boots out of my closet and he came back with the wrong pair. In a huff I stormed into my closet, rummaged around for a few minutes and returned victoriously with the pair I wanted. He asked "you have no less then 5 pairs of black high heeled boots, how was I to know which ones you wanted?" In retrospect, I have a thigh high pair of Louboutin's, a wedge pair, a mid calf pair, a pirate fold over pair, a kitten heel pair and my new favourites, an equestrian pair. Fair enough, all those black boots get confusing. This day however I wanted to strut my stuff in the fold down pirate boots. They are a lovely pair from Stuart Weitzman that I purchased a few years ago and are just now coming into fashion.
I sat down on the couch, and pulled the first boot on. Odd, my leg is hanging OVER the boot. By this I mean all the weight that has been gained since Oscar's inception last November, is now starting to affect my footwear.
I'm vain, I know because 4 years ago I quit smoking not because of cancer or any other horrid thing you can get but because smoking gives you wrinkles. Truth. I quit because I didn't want wrinkles. VAIN.
This is how I felt about the "boot debacle of 2010" I was going to get in shape and continue wearing my favourite footwear.
I joined a boot camp. It's a fitness boot camp that promises improved fitness and a 2 dress size loss in a month. I lasted a day. I was all cute and perky in my new Nike's, pony tail swinging while we ran around the room but about 15 minutes in I could no longer feel my arms, 20 minutes in and the feeling returned with a vengeance. 25 minutes in and I was swaying, 30 minutes in and I was out. I couldn't finish the hour. I could barely see straight let alone finish climbing the mountain (mountain climber position), and really I don't care whats on top of the stupid mountain. All I wanted was a couch, some water and maybe a cigarette!
I drove through Edmonton as quickly as humanly possible and when I realized I wouldn't make it home, I detoured to our shop. Thankfully no one was on the washroom and I ran in and promptly threw up my chocolate Lucky Charms. Not so lucky.
I am lucky however that Oscar permitted me to take part in a exercise class. Thank you Oscar, you and I will one day soon walk proudly in a cute pair of Weitzman's but until then you will settle for the pair of Louboutin's because those still fit.

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