Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to the 'ole chalk board

I recently started taking a writing class on Tuesday nights and am enjoying it immensely. I've been working on a book, more working off then on, but a book it is, for the last 6 months and thought what better way to gain some insight into the writing world then to take a class? I was nervous at first only because I remembered what taking a class was like last year BO.
Last fall I signed up for a "woman in woodworking" course at NAIT, the local college. It was 6 Saturdays from 9:00 until 3:00 and it taught women how to use wood working stuff. There are technical names for all the tools but so all of you don't have to grin and nod like I did, I'm just going to say "Lot's of big power tools." I enjoyed the class, except for the lack of washroom's. I would be at one of the machines, plank of wood in hand and the "urge" would hit. I'd hand the piece of tree off to the nearest lady and make a run for it. Apparently it's mostly men that occupy the trade section of the college and there is only 1 ladies room, which is on the other side of the wing. Off I'd go, thinking that if I couldn't make it, maybe I would have some sawdust caught in the rolls of my jeans to help with clean up.
Thankfully I always made it but I wasn't able to make it to the last day of class. Crohn's swept in, reared it's ugly head and I was stuck at home, on the toilet. You can imagine my disappointment at not being able to finish my clock!
2 week's after the course had ended, I had the colostomy surgery. I also had a special visitor. One of the ladies from the class came to see me, finished clock project in hand. All the student's had known about my issues and decided to complete the clock for me. The clock is even more special, having been completed by a group of wonderful ladies.
I was full of trepidation when I signed up for the writing class and sure enough, the instant I traipsed into the classroom the "urge" struck. As I took my seat I marvelled at the freeing feeling of Oscar. I knew I would be perfectly fine regardless of where the ladies room was located.
Thank you Oscar, because of you I can take as many classes as my social calendar will permit!

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  1. Do you have a name for that Book you are writing or are you keeping us in suspense?
    How about posting a photo of that clock? We'd all love to see it!