Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Traffic circles suck.

I have an unhealthy fear of roundabouts.
Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I was never subjected to these circles of chaos. My first encounter was while driving in Germany, I just drove REALLY fast and hoped I was doing the right thing. My hands still get sweaty thinking of that first foray. I've been known to change entire routes if I'm made aware that a traffic circle is upon us.
Today I had my first non Crohn's/ostomy Dr.'s appointment and had to drive through no less then 2 traffic circles. I was nervous and my palms got damp 5 blocks before the road showed itself. I thought it was ridiculous to be nervous over a stupid road when I have been through so much. Unhealthy fears are rarely sane.
So, on the way to the appointment I gathered strength, channelling all my fears BO and made it through the roundabout. I was mumbling profanities and I'm pretty sure the people who saw the Jetta that was driven by a crazy woman talking to herself thought they were witnessing a kamikaze Volkswagen, but we managed to make it around the circle.
Thank you Oscar, because of you I am able to venture into roundabouts.


  1. You, afraid of traffic circles? I think not!

  2. Seriously, I HATE them. Even the words "traffic circle" makes me gag a little!