Thursday, December 9, 2010

I believe in a poo fairy.

Oscar turned 1 on Nov. 23 and everything has been pretty great. No serious problems, nothing that checking or speaking with friends who have ostomies couldn't help with! However...
On Tuesday I did a naked Oscar shower (take off wafer/pouch, jump in the shower) and changed the wafer. Tuesday night the Edmonton Ostomy Association had their annual Christmas dinner and auction and the husband and I attended. Wonderful food, GREAT conversations and being some of the youngest people there (I'm 33, he's 29) was actually a lot of fun.
We came home and promptly fell into a turkey dinner coma. I woke up around 3:30am. I smelled poo but wrote it off as the typical "I can smell something but no one else can" and went back to sleep. I should have checked under the covers because I woke up at 6:00am to a powerful smell and that cold sticky feeling. I threw back the covers and son of a b*tch, my pouch popped off and I and the bedding were covered in poop.
I sat up and said "honey, wake up....honey......" He woke up and I explained what was going on. He calmly told me to hop in the shower and he would take care of the rest. As I pried my nightshirt off and took a look at the mess one little ostomy could do I was struck at how much poop could be expelled in 6 hours time. Standing in the shower I realized a few things:
1. I have the best hubby in the world, when faced with the mess all he said was "at least we weren't cuddly last night."
2. In a little over a year, I made a mess once. BO I made mess' regularly and always while in public.
3. I wouldn't give Oscar up for anything though I realized this a year ago when I woke up in the hospital after surgery and said hello to my new little friend (in a Pacino voice of course).
Ostomies = poop and Oscar = happiness.
Thank you Oscar for letting me enjoy delicious food even if I have to see it coming and going!

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