Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Snowday Service has been suspended.

Northern Alberta is cold in the winter, really really cold. Some week's it can be below -30 with the average temperature hovering at a genial -20 from November to March. When Crohn's was running rampant through my insides, weather colder then 15 Celsius (60 Fahrenheit) was cause for me to stay inside. My body could not handle the cold temperatures and I would feel physical pain when I was exposed to anything cooler then what could be described as balmy.
My husband is an avid snow boarder and loves cold outdoor activities. I on the other hand have trouble leaving the confines of the nice warm chalet. Could you imagine being in boarding pants, on a chair lift half way up a hill only to have to poop NOW? I have nightmares of what THAT would look like. Neil and I do almost everything together but partaking in cold weather sports has always been beyond my pain threshold.
The beginning of 2011 brought freezing weather and record amounts of snow fall. It also brought a new discovery of what Oscar has done for me.
Approximately a week into our never ending snowfall and my husband shovelling upwards of 5-7 times a day, I decided to bundle up and try to tackle the white stuff with him . To my immense surprise 5 minutes, then 10 minutes then 1/2 an hour passed and I felt fine (the above picture is of me, an hour into my snow day). My toes were a bit chilled but the bone deep ache never materialized. I was enjoying being outside and was jumping into snow banks with reckless abandon. I had turned into the 10 year old that Crohn's had yet to touch. I realized something that Saturday afternoon, having an ostomy meant that I could enjoy being outside in the cold!
Thank you Oscar for allowing me to re-discover the joys of snow and snow pants. My snowboard, sitting so silently in the basement can now gather powder instead of dust. Anyone else want to take a snow day with me?


  1. Allie, I see the beginnings of an amazing book. I love your outlook on life. You will be an inspiration to many. You go girl!

  2. If Oscar has given you the ability to enjoy snow, that's pretty amazing. And besides...there's LOTS of it to enjoy..... :D

  3. why not make a Snowgirl with an ostomy attached to her side? Would be so cool!

  4. Hi, Allie,
    I am Ruth and I received the birth of "Lucille", my ileostomy, in May of 2010. We are at a point of peaceful co-existence. I may have hit on just the right apparatus that will not leak and that will go for 3 to 4 days without changing. Good luck to you and Oscar. Hang in there! Ruth.

  5. Thanks Shelley!! I'm not sure what kind of publisher would want to hear about my poo stories! LOL kidding!!!
    Would a snowgirl be like a snowman? Hm.....Now i'm thinking of all the things I could make with snow and my extra supplies. The neighbors might become concerned.
    Hi Ruth!! Oscar and I are co-habituating quite nicely though he still occasionally likes to remind me that he wears the pants in our relationship! I can go 5-7 days with Holister but in true procrastinator fashion, like to push the um....pouch.... as long as possible. LOL.