Friday, May 6, 2011

The stunt 2 parts

Last week-end we ended up in Las Vegas and with lot’s to tell, I am making this blog into 2 separate posts!!
This past week-end, Neil and I and another couple decided to hit up Las Vegas for 4 days. It was a pretty last minute trip but I didn’t blink an eye. BO I would spend days if not weeks agonizing over a trip, where were we going? How long will we be gone for? Will I have enough panties should something happen? Will it be warm or cold? What mode of transportation will we be using? The list was always endless and more often than not I spent the majority of the trip locked away in the washroom. Not this time.
Neil and I were married in LV but haven’t been back since. There were always things I would have liked to do like walk the strip, shop in peace (meaning not knowing or caring where the WC was) maybe even take in a show or two. I would love to DO Las Vegas and not just be able to tell you which hotels/casino’s/mega mini cities had the best toilet paper.
I could tell everything was different the minute we realized our plane was going to be delayed. Instead of internally freaking out over the prospect of a long wait, I simply took out my phone and played some games and had a series of ridiculous conversations with Nat-a-meow-meow and the boys about nothing in particular.
The flight was un-eventful and I sat in the middle seat, completely at ease. There was a long wait to get our rental car which I spent feeding the plants my un-wanted raisins. Another line greeted us at the Flamingo and I waited with the patience of a saint. The same can’t be said about Neil and Rich who took every opportunity to pick at each other.
Friday greeted us warm but windy and we decided to eat breaky at Ihop (yet another line) and do some power shopping afterwards at North Las Vegas Outlet Mall. We ran into another Edmontonian that knew Richy and recognized Neil and I. Oscar was wonderful the entire time. We left the mall in search of some food (buffet, yet another line) and then headed out WALKING to Planet Hollywood to go catch a show. I found myself strutting down the strip, without a care in the world. It was heaven.
The show sucked (sorry Holly Madison) and I was disappointed that my first real LV show was such a bust. The Miracle Mile shops at PH more than made up for it and again, I found myself running from place to place with not a care as to where the washrooms were.
Saturday dawned blue and warm and we did more power shopping in the South Las Vegas Outlet store and ended the day with a show at Cesar’s. It was the best damn show I have ever seen. It was called Absinthe and the only time I thought about a washroom was when I realized I had one too many gin and tonics’s and needed a washroom to relieve some pressure.
The good stuff comes on Sunday and Monday but I’ll wait until next week to post the continuation of our adventure!

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