Monday, May 16, 2011

The stunt ostomy....part 2

Some say he bowls overhand and regularly has tea with the queen, all we know is...he’s called Oscar.

Sunday was our last full day and it made me realize how lucky I am to have Oscar. We started the day eating a ginormous breakfast at Hash House a-go-go in the Imperial Palace and afterwards began a long walk down the strip. We hit up Treasure Island to see the Pirate ship, crossed the road to the Venetian and had an outdoor gondola ride. Let me paint a quick picture of this “ride” for you; Rich, Nat, Neil and I in a tiny little boat along with some guy with a fake Italian accent pretending to steer/row when in fact the boat had a tiny motor who’s noise he tried to cover up with his singing. His BAD singing. While we were being serenaded I continuously asked for a translation (protecting a little boat doesn’t sound so romantic in English). We exited the boat and when no one fell over, made our way further down the strip. We debated getting tattoo’s at Vince Neil Ink but wisely decided against it as we weren’t drunk enough at 12 in the afternoon. We returned to our hotel and jumped in the rental car only to get totally lost in the desert. I entertained myself with every switch in the vehicle and demanded to know if I was the only one who could see that the hill’s had eyes. After realising we had had driven almost an hour in the WRONG direction we turned around, drove back through Vegas and ended up traversing the big bridge near the Hoover Dam. We drove through Boulder and ate a yummy Jack-in-the-Box meal. We returned to the hotel and after a quick change of clothes for both me and Oscar, we hit up New York New York and rode the rollercoaster. It was my first rollercoaster ride since Oscar came to be and I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been, I waited in that line like nobody’s business AND enjoyed the ride so much I begged to do it again! We had $40.00 steaks (ie:HUGE) at Gallagher’s for dinner and since it was still relatively early, only 10:00pm, we grabbed a cab and went to Fremont St. We did some old school gambling with quarters, I magically changed a $50.00 dollar bill into 25 cents. I’m just that awesome. Some more venturing down the street lead us to “Fremont Street Flightlinez” We were able to go zip lining over Fremont St! After the paper work was filled out and I was weighed (OMG!) we were sent up to the roof of a parking garage where we waited for about 20 minutes before we were strapped in. I did some quick Oscar re-arranging and was good to go. I hovered over the edge and before I knew it I was flying over old Vegas. I was twisting and turning and hanging on with one hand. When I was un-hooked at the bottom, I thought it was the best experience EVER. Once again I realized having an ostomy has opened so many doors and opportunities for me.
I won’t go on to tell you about the rest of our trip but I am going to point out a few key activities that I am now able to do because of Oscar. I can sit where ever I want on a plane, I can wait in lines short or long, I can feed quarter’s into a slot machine for hours, I can ride rollercoaster’s, I can wander aimlessly through a mall or up and down the Las Vegas strip, I can go on a boat, I can eat and drink on car rides, I can get lost in the desert and not be overly concerned, I can eat and then continue with my day or night, I can go zip lining and most importantly, I can be present in my husbands and our friends adventures. Thank you Oscar for doing your own stunts and allowing me to do mine.


  1. Soooo grateful to you for sharing your adventures with Oscar!

  2. I've always loved that you do your own stunts. You and Oscar are a great team! :)

  3. I love Las Vegas and I love the Oscars and I love you! You have made your mother very proud.
    Keep on blogging, you have a gift.