Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer = busy

I have been stupid busy. Not just "little Johnny has soccer practice 2 nights a week" busy, but I am currently in full blown "days need 38 hours and I need an assistant for my assistant" busy.
To delve a bit deeper into the life (the last 6 weeks) of Allie and Oscar;
1. Our renter's up and left and we have been stuck with over $15,000.00 in repairs (they even stole the toilet seats!). The house is now on the market, please cross your fingers for a quick sale.
2. Our leisurely trip to Washington and Kelowna had to be cut short due to the rental fiasco.
3. My final project and exam came due at the end of June for a course I am taking at the University of Alberta. I am still too chicken to check my marks online.
4. We had our roof re-shingled and are now dealing with possible structural issues.
5. The shop is booking 2, mostly 3 weeks in advance and we desperately need another mechanic. Easier said then done, and if the caliber of current resumes received are any indication of the job seeking public, we are all in deep trouble.
6. I started the Zone, a meal delivery diet. I am moody and in need of food. I went to the pool yesterday for Aqua-fit and took an hour long walk with the Pugs tonight all in an effort to loose some of this weight. I looked in a mirror on Sunday and didn't recognize my body. I was so disgusted at what I saw, I have forsworn all alcoholic beverages for the rest of the summer. We are all in deep trouble.
7. Neil bought a Mercedes ML55 AMG and it needs a steering rack, his '69 VW Beetle needs the engine put in it and my VW Cabrio needs an interior, badly. There just isn't enough time to do what is needed. It will be winter before we know it and the engine will still be on the stand and not in the bug.
8. I am in need of sleep.
9. I have been a shit head of a friend, caught up in my own life for the last 6 weeks without regard to anyone else. I am sorry. To those of you that have stuck around, thank you and I love you.
10. The house needs power washing, the lawn needs mowing, the laundry needs folding, the bric-a-brac needs dusting, everything needs to be vacuumed, papers need to be filed, I have to find time for an optometrist appointment, the cats need their shots, the garden at home and at the shop needs to be weeded, the walkways need to be cleaned......I could go on, but see #8. I am in need of sleep.
You are probably wondering how all this adds up to an ostomy adventure. The fact that I can do all these things and NOT be confined to a washroom is an adventure. My day to day living that comes with being healthy is all thanks to Oscar.
Oscar and I promise some funny blogs in the fall. If we have time to sit down and write a post we will, but in the meantime.....go out and enjoy your summer! Oh, and if you have time, care to install an engine? Please?

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