Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blasphemous Bells

I’m very confused about this bell thing.
I have heard the church bells ringing all over Italy and Slovenia with seemingly no rhyme or reason since I’ve been here. Miha (the groom, in picture) explained that they are ringing out the different times of the day and that if not for the bells; he would probably be late for the important things like work, pub meets and his wedding. Andi (the bride, in picture and an ostomate!!!) then told me that there had been a petition to have the bells silenced but no one ever signed it.
As I was lying in bed having yet another insomnia induced early morning, the bells started peeling out their weird tune and I tried to figure them out. About 45 minutes later with no solution in sight I got up and wandered to the washroom. Funny, when boredom and lack of sleep merge I always find myself reverting back to my pre-Oscar days, which is heading to the closest toilet.  As I was popping off Oscar’s pouch the bells started to ring and I had a horrible thought; what if you could only go to the washroom at the times the bells were ringing…or worse…not ringing? The bells are a church thing, so if you didn’t abide by them were you going against a higher power? Insomnia really makes my mind wander to the most ridiculous things.
To be totally honest though, the bells freak me out. I don’t do regimented religion or being on time very well and the bells are a reminder of both. They seem (if Miha is to be believed….the jury is still out) to be counting the passing time and that frankly, is a downer. I started to think back to all the time I spent enclosed in a water closet; I spent a good chunk of my 20’s seeking out a place where I could drop my drawers and I spent even longer hovering over those places that would have be condemned had a health inspector actually adventured in.
A dawning realization that I had spent 13 years orbiting around washrooms gave me the kick I needed. I grabbed my sneakers and headed out the door. I was in SLOVENIA for goodness sake and didn’t need to be within 10 feet of a washroom. I also realized that later in the day I would witness two of the most amazing people get married (wedding bells will ring I’m sure) and that was all thanks to Oscar. Seriously, when Andi found out she needed an ostomy her and Miha hit the internet and came across my blog. A few months later, Miha proposed and I was sent a wedding invitation. One year later and here I am, in Slovenia on their wedding day and I don’t need a washroom!
Thank you Oscar for making my journey to Slovenia possible, in more ways than one. I’d also like to thank Andi and Miha Lampreht, they are the nicest, sweetest people anyone could ever hope to have as friends, Oscar and I wish them a long, happy marriage filled with love. 

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  1. I was very pleased to attend the wedding of this lovely couple and celebrate their union with family and friends...and I learned how to say "thank you" in Slovenian.