Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Duke of disguise!

On Tuesday nights at the Winchester they have “wing” night. There are wing nights all over the city, we could go out every night to a different pub and hit a wing night every day of the week. Some sell their wings for as little as $0.10, some places have more than 30 flavours, heck, there is even an entire web page dedicated to all the different chicken wings/prices/days in Edmonton ( but every place pales in comparison to our Winchester.
The Winchester does a “double bake” for us (you have to ask for double baked wings), that means the wings are fried and then tossed with the sauce of the patron’s choice and then the wings are thrown into the oven to “bake in” the flavour. It leaves you with a fantastic wing that is not at all saucy but baked to perfection.  I’m sure you are all wondering how exactly eating chicken wings relates in any which way or form to an ostomy.
Up until my surgery I couldn’t eat any meat, let alone anything fried. The real kicker? I’ve started to order my wings “salt and pepper” style. The wings are fried (meat and frying!!) and then liberally coated in coarse salt and pepper (pepper!!). Even the tiniest hint of pepper before I received Oscar would set off a huge flare and everyone around me knew there was no way I could even come in contact with the seasoning. Now? My all time favourite wings are the deliciousness of salt and pepper.
After my surgery I didn’t screw around with what I could or couldn’t eat. I dove head first into my first Burger Whopper, with all the fixin’s, a mere 3 days out of the hospital. I kept a water glass full of shelled (I wasn’t wasting time cracking them open myself) pumpkin seeds on the living room table so that when the urge to eat a mouthful of seeds hit, I’d be ready. I wasn’t given ANY conditions as to what/when/where I had to eat and I took full advantage of it.  I’m STILL taking advantage of it and am enjoying food more and more. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had a blockage though I do know the signs, and if I feel something is not quite right, I immediately down 2L of water and go for a long walk to help everything move. We have all heard the horror stories of what happens when you eat the wrong food but for me there never has been a wrong food, just too MUCH of a food.
Thank you Oscar for giving me food back. Oh how I’ve missed the rich chocolates, red meat, anything fried to within an inch of its life, nuts, seeds, things with skins (tomato!!) and every other delectable morsel of food that Crohn’s took from me. Oscar not only gave me the opportunity to try food from places like New Orleans and Italy but also has let me enjoy the Winchester as it should be enjoyed, Pint of beer and pound of wings in hand.
                                      *10 points for any Shaun of the Dead reference you get!!*

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