Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter week-end.....always ill.

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been down for the count with a head cold/flu for the last 14 days. I'm on Imuran and as such, don't have an immune system.
Oscar and I had quite a few firsts on Easter week-end! In keeping with the theme "Allie is always sick on the Easter week-end", this week-end proved no different.
The hubby, dogs and I loaded up the wagon and headed to Kelowna for the Easter long week-end. Before Oscar and I were acquainted, road trips were full of sweaty palms, sudden stops and lost panties. Hm, that sounds kinda kinky put that way...ok...mind out of the gutter...I was speaking about my rectal incontinence, NOT a steamy liaison on the side of the road.
On Friday, us and half of Alberta were driving through Banff when we came to a dead stop. Normally I'd have been freaking out over this turn of events but I was ok. I had to pee, drinking 2L of water will do that, but I DIDN'T have to go poo. Or if I did, it didn't matter, the portable poo pouch saved the day. The first "adventure" of the week-end...ROAD TRIP...the second "adventure" of the week-end...RELAXING IN THE CAR ON HIGHWAY 1 AFTER IT TURNED INTO A PARKING LOT.
We made it to Golden, BC., 1 1/2 hours later then we thought, and were both starved. I never pack anything to eat on a road trip because I can't eat on road trips. Simple. If I am hungry, I eat Skittles and drink Gatorade, something that will fill the void, give me sugar to keep going, but not make me poop. As I said, we arrive in Golden, and stop in the McDonald's parking lot to let the Pug's out when a flash of light enters my head...."I CAN eat on road trips...I can eat AND drive on road trips" Maybe it wasn't a flash of light so much as the flashing of the golden arches, but let me tell you...I loaded up on cheeseburgers like nobody's business. Some thought went into my selection. Mainly, "what can I hold and eat and will not make a mess while driving?" Cheeseburgers seemed the logical choice. I didn't want fries, because although convenient for stuffing in your face, I hate finding those petrified stragglers, memories of a horribly fattening meal consumed.
We arrived in Kelowna later then expected but full of yummy food. That was a first as well. BEING FULL AFTER A ROAD TRIP. I wasn't feeling well and retired early only to wake up the next morning feeling like I had been hit by a Mac truck. My years spent dealing with Crohn's should have hardened me to sickness, it didn't. My head felt like it was going to explode, I'm pretty sure I must have swallowed molten lava in my sleep and I was nauseous. I spent the entire week-end on my father in-law's couch. I was in beautiful Kelowna, bum/most of colon free only to be taken down by a mere head cold.
The road trip back through the mountains was awful. The altitude change isn't that noticeable on a good day, throw in a head cold from hell and wow. I was in pain, trying not to vomit and generally miserable. I had the hubby stop in Red Deer and I bought some Buckley's. Did you know they make a Buckley's that is sugar free? As if that stuff isn't horrible enough, they take the sugar out. Too bad it works. Or at least it did until we hit the refineries. The smell, being in a moving vehicle for 9 hours and my general malaise made itself known. We had to pull over 10 minutes from home while I vomited all the Buckley's out that I had valiantly tried to keep in.
We made it home and I slept for 48 hours. As always....Oscar was perfect.

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  1. Great blog. Good read. Glad to see you are out there "living"...